Navy | Purāu-pōuri

The Navy's prime purpose is to defend the marine of New Zealand and while working with the Air Force and Army, provide assistance to communities in need. Being a part of the Navy, you need to be disciplined, confident and organised. Being deployed means you will spend most of your time on a navy vessel, so having a passion for the ocean and being comfortable in confined spaces is important when making a decision to join this force.

There is only one Navy Base in New Zealand Devonport, Auckland

Qualifications for the Navy

To be eligible for this career you need to 

  • Be at least 17 years old

  • Be a New Zealand citizen, or a New Zealand residence class visa holder

  • Be physically and medically fit

  • Hold a driver's licence that is within regulations

  • Have a minimum of NCEA level 2 with 12 credits in English

Navy Fitness Tests

The Navy’s service fitness tests include a Multi-Stage Fitness Test(beep test), a body drag and an equipment lift/carry. This test you will complete in your initial training and will be required to keep up to these fitness standards throughout your career. 


The Navy also has a swim test. This test calls for you to swim 50 metres and straight after completion of that, tread water for the following three minutes making sure to keep afloat.