Overseas internships are an excellent way to trial and experience possible pathways in your chosen career path whilst experiencing a culture that’s different from the one you’ve been with your entire life. An internship abroad adds depth to your resume, demonstrating to a potential employer that you have more rounded work experience, know how to adapt to diverse work environments. An Internship is short-term, hands-on, supervised work experience with a professional organization that is designed to increase a student’s knowledge of a professional career field. More work than a part time job or volunteer work, internships are designed to show the possible pathways you can take for your career.

There are many ways to go about landing dream global internships. There are some faster ways, slower ways, cheaper ways and more expensive ways, but they are all forward ways. You need to choose the best path that suits your needs. 

What to include when you are considering apply

  1. Working with a Provider

Starting your overseas internship journey can be tough to do it by yourself. Using a program provider is a great tool to have. A provider can take all your information (expertise, preferred countries, duration, etc.) and use it to find the best opportunities for you. You can trust them to ensure that the companies that you are working with in legit and have the best standard/opportunities for you. They can assist with negotiating your country, accommodation, fitting you with a in-country coordinator and provide general help to ease your nerves you might have. The services offered vary widely so be sure to do your research and read the program reviews.

  • Pros - It’s one of the easiest ways to find an internship. GoAbroad is an expert in helping you find a provider.

  • Cons - Going with a provider is pricier than doing it yourself but it can be quicker and more effective because they already know where to look for internships. 


  1. Direct application to work with an international company

Creating a DIY (Do It Yourself) plan around your internship can be hard. Think about the companies/businesses that you want to work with, sticking with smaller companies will mean that your chances of getting an internship. There are so many small companies who are looking for talented, motivated young interns, and often they will tend to be more generous bother in terms of payment and in the attention they give you.

Pros - Working at smaller company gives you specialized attention and the top dogs are often not only in the same building, but possibly in the office just steps away from yours. 

Cons - Doing it yourself is a lot of work on your end of the table. The only thing stopping you from getting a great internship abroad is yourself. If you are willing to put 100% of effort into it then you will receive it back.

Recommended internship - 


  1. Get an internship with a multinational Corporation 

Multinational Companies have internships available worldwide. Companies often hire local and international employees to maintain an international work environment. Whether it’s working in conventional business-related fields such as marketing, retail, finance or sales or working for nonprofits in areas like community development. The opportunities can be with an organization that has international operations. The easiest way to do this is to make a list of companies you’re interested in and fill out online applications so that all of your information is in their database. When a suitable opportunity arises, recruitment managers first look at the candidates in their system.

Pros - It’s Free!

Cons - It can take a long time. Typically, you’d be expected to fill out applications two to three months in advance from the data the internship begins. Some organisations might open up applications for a certain time period, so keep an eye out for the dates.

  1. Volunteer

Global internships can be more like volunteer work or volunteer work can be more of an internship. Either way, volunteering is a humbling opportunity to serve and learn at the same time. Approaches to these global internships that harness your desire to help others will help you ain those valuable skills and spiffy lines for you resume, but the primary motivator is to make the world a better place.

Pros - You may actually make a difference in your internship. Instead of making the coffee, you may up being an intern/volunteer on a sustainable coffee plantation and be the one actually growing the coffee.

Cons - Most organization are truly working to benefit their communities and ensure that volunteers have the most positive experience possible, there are some bad companies that will take your money and never lock back. It is increasingly common for scammers to take advantage of applicants. Before putting all your money into opportunity, do your research and know how to spot a scam.