Air Force|Kāpara

The Royal New Zealand Air Force works to protect the skies and is the main part of aerial surveillance. 


The Air Force can be found in three locations across New Zealand. Blenheim, Ohakea and Auckland as well as operating all over the world.


Their primary role is to provide air support and to assist communities that have been affected by conflict or natural disasters. There is a diverse range of challenging and exciting careers available, from pilots, engineers and communications, to security and loads more. Click here for the full list of career opportunities.

Are you eligible

To qualify for the Air Force, the minimum requirements are 

  • Be physically and medically fit 

  • Be a New Zealand citizen or hold a New Zealand Residence class visa 

  • At least 16.5 years of age

  • Preferably free from conviction (which will be assessed on a case by case basis)

The educational qualifications differ for each career you wish to pursue within the Air Force, but the minimum education requirement is 10 credits in each NCEA level one Numeracy and Literacy. 


Enrolling in the Air Force

The application process for enrolling in the Royal New Zealand Air Force is detailed but specific. The recommended time is to allow between 3-6 months for your application to be processed. This will include health checks, interviews, security checks and other assessments. 


Air Force Fitness Tests

The Air Force has a standard testing routine for everyone joining. To continue in this service you are to pass an Operational Fitness Test, which includes press-ups and marching with 20kg weights. These tests are to assess your core fitness as well as stimulating deployments procedures.